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ldap auth issue

Question asked by La-Qa on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by Brian_Mathato

Hello Team


we are currently facing ldap auth issue in sdm...see the following error....But same configuration(CN & DN) done in EEM and it is authenticated with AD. but sdm not thus we not able to search ldap users........


AD is pingable and port is also telnet


what could be issue..pls advise



:43.25 ITSD ldap_agent_nxd 8460 SIGNIFICANT ldap_agent.c 3043 LDAP_Server connecting to host( port(389)
03/11 00:47:46.27 ITSD ldap_agent_nxd 8460 ERROR ldap_agent.c 3210 LDAP_Server ldap_bind() error(014F10B8); username(CN=