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Is there documentation : Auto Processes assigned to Ojbects

Question asked by mtognetti on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by ellegonzalez

I am trying to build a process which will kick off automatically based on an Object event.  More specifically a subobject create event.  My main object is IDEA and my subobject is DIARY NOTE.  What I want to do is execute my process for each DiaryNote that is created for an IDEA that meets a further qualification (e.g., an idea element (custom) has a value assigned).  I realize that I may have to define the last part in the query run by the GEL Script and I am fine with that. 


What I am looking for here is guidance on where to find documentation that is comprehensive on creating Processes and how to link them to Ojbects; and the additional things that must take place and be set up to actually run them.  For example, I created a process and tried to run it, only to find that my Object needed to have additional set up items to be created which link the process to the object. I would also like to find documentation which will guide me in the expression language and what I can do there (e.g, it is not TSQL, it is not Java, etc).


Thank you for the help.