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Can UIM hyperv probe discover and model Hyper-V infrastructure in Spectrum in the same way as the vmware probe?

Question asked by arnold.jeffrey on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Phani Devulapalli

My client would like to see MS Hyper-V servers, which are discovered using the hyperv probe, be modeled in Spectrum the same way that VMWare infrastructure is modeled (physical as well as logical with associated virtual machines in the topology).

This will allow virtual machines to be associated with the Hyper-V servers they are deployed on and facilitate root-cause-analysis when the hardware or services on Hyper-V is impacted.

I have logged a support case and got the following feedback:

CASE NUMBER: 00982359

"As this may require changes in probe structure, I think the best way to progress with your request is to raise an idea in our UIM community and have this voted and evaluated by our product management and have the functionalities added for future releases."