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Migration sdm queries

Question asked by La-Qa on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Chi_Chen

Hello Team


We are currently in the phase of Migration of SDM 12.9 to 17 version....  i need to know few things before migrate.


during the time we implemented 12.9 sdm we also implemented service catalog 12.9 but Service Catalog never been used. it just keep ideal workflows etc but mdb is shared as we all know with integration....


Now we thinking .....since Service Catalog is not currently using in our environment but installed and integrated with sdm. so  after the migration of sdm to 17 version.. we planning to setup fresh SC 17 version but migrated mdb already contain old SC data in mdb can we delete records which mdb using for service catalog so then we will be able to install fresh Service catalog with migrated sdm mdb... please advise on it.


secondly...if we extract some tables from pdm_extract command in sdm 12.9 like prob_category ...ca_contact etc....can we load it on sdm 17 version without any issue???