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Activity Notification For the Call_TYPE in CA SDM

Question asked by Edgar13 on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Edgar13

Hi Communities


Sorry to Bother Everyone,


I have issue, I created a Activity Notification for the CAll TYPE field for Incident/Requests, Build it with the same Code as the Activity Associations called Type.


This is to send out a notification when we change the ticket manully from Incident to a request. We painted the type on the IN forms, so you can swap from incident to request and visa versa. I build a Notification Rule for it as well with a Condition to send out a mail when the call type change.


Problem is i'm not getting any mails when I change the type. Nothing Fire no mail history of notification history.


Please I need help please. AS this is a requirement from Business. In short there was no Activity Notification for TYPE. I had to create one. Am I doing something wrong.




Edgar Louw