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pass parmeter from process to gel

Question asked by mtognetti on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by mtognetti

Good Day Community,


I have built a process to run on Create with a Gel Script; I have attached it to an object; it almost works as I would like it to work.


The process is designed to run a query and kick out a flat file (at this time) of a small dataset.  What I really want is to return a single row (values)--in the next stage of development this will actually send values to another s/ware package either via SOAP or REST.  What I have been unable to determine is how to send the Object ID to the Gel Script.  The ID I want is the id of the object being created.  Once I can pass the parameter, I feel that I can add it to the Gel Script and  then use that id to filter my query.  I am sure this must be possible, I have searched through the community as well as documentation and I must just be missing the mark on the search terms I am using to nail this down.


Thank you.