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TIM post install system check

Question asked by Nando68 on Mar 13, 2018
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recently we do upgrade TIM software from a standalone server and MTP server, in both case install process return this output ( to

TIM Post install System Check
Fri Mar 2 18:21:14 -03 2018

Total CPU Cores : 24 <-- OK
Processor Speed (MHz): 2601.000 <-- FAILED (2900.000 minimum required)
Total System MEM (MB): 128953 <-- OK
Total Disk Space (GB): 92 <-- OK
Total NICs Configured: 2 <-- OK

The question is the Processor speed (Mhz) affect the performance of the TIM, what important is this value, I requiered thinking in change the servers?, the MTP server is a expensive server, so is necessary in this case change the server, or her architecture do permit changes of hardware?