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XOG/GEL Script define manageable Blocks

Question asked by SagarSarkar on Mar 13, 2018
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Hi All,


This might be a stupid question. But I could really use some help.



I am trying to modify a script that runs on one object with around 100 attributes. The code basically looks at different values of the attributes and calculates KPIs based on certain conditions.

The code is more than 5000 lines long, I am breaking it into two 2500 XOG scripts to improve readability and future maintenance, but don't want to break down further, as they are working on the same set of attributes and doesn't seem logically to do so.



So, enough about the background, need advice on how to break the code into multiple blocks . But what I am looking for is that if I break 30 lines lines into a blocks, it should be collapsible in Notepad++, so that I can focus on next lines of code, and it should be ignored by the process engine while running the script.


For example, if I would have to do this in C# or Java, could simply do it using two single line comments, but as far as I could find this doesn't work in XML:




This would define an imaginary block for you to collapse and get it out of the way so that you can move to focus on another block, Just makes the code easier to maintain and clean to read.


Any help is appreciated!