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Passing Request ID from Catalog to PAM

Question asked by james.culpovich on Mar 13, 2018
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I am struggling to pass the request ID from the catalog to PAM. I have successfully created all required pieces to have a form submit trigger a PAM process, and I have successfully logged into the catalog SOAP service within the PAM process. But I cannot for the life of me send the request ID over to PAM. I have done the following:


-Created PAM process with a variable folder called "Parameters" and a variable inside called "Request_Id" of type Int

-Imported the dataset into the SRF that I also created. This shows the "Request_Id" as 0 (which should be as if I am correct an int cannot be null)

-Added a rule in Catalog under the "Request/Subscription Item Create"

-Added 2 actions within that rule: One is an email to myself showing $request_id$ and one that triggers a PAM process with the SRF given as the one I created earlier. Under "Parameters" within this rule I have the "Request_Id" parameter I created in the PAM process showing and am assigning $request_id$ to that parameter.

-In my PAM process, the first task is to send an email with the "Request_Id"


Every time I fire the task, the email sent by the rule shows a valid Request ID. The email I am receiving from the PAM process is showing the Process.Request_Id variable as 0. What am I missing?


Thank you in advance for any assistance