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Software Inventory Configuration Job error

Question asked by NoIdea999 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by NoIdea999

I do have a problem that Software Inventory Configuration Job fails on multiple workstations. Even on completely newly installed wks with ITCM Agents installed by InfraDeployWiz. In TRC_AMRSS_0.log on the server I see some errors like:


140318-08:11:24.7805515L|002812|00000b00|RSS |RSS |Debug.cpp |000160|ERROR | start Recived VERIFY_SIG with filesize 0
140318-08:11:24.7805814L|002812|00000b00|RSS |RSS |Debug.cpp |000160|ERROR | end Recived VERIFY_SIG with filesize 0

So I installed patch T5IZ382.caz and hoped it would solve my issue. But it did not help. I also found this error:


140318-11:41:25.8803204L|002748|00000af0|RSS       |cfCafApi        |                    |000000|ERROR  | CFUtils::lookupENCAddress: the ENC API library failed to initialise

maybe this is the cause for my problem? where else can I check? any logs on server or client? thanks in advance