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CABI Ad-Hoc UIM Metric Topic Remove Sample Value Tag?

Discussion created by Daniel Blanco Champion on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Daniel Blanco

hello so playing around with the CABI > Ad-Hoc > UIM Metrics Topic feature and I was wondering if anyone knows a few things on how to change, modify a few things:

So I have 1 QoS selected and I want my legend to NOT display the "Sample Value (Average)" That's pretty useless in this chart since its 1 QoS line for each device and doesn't help:

How can I get rid of the Yellow section in the Legend above? The "Sample Value (Average)" text?


Also 2nd question how do i change the label on the Y-Axis? I want to label it as CPU Usage % and not "Sample Value"

I don't see any way to change in the Chart Format dialog box:



3rd Question: Is there a way to display the Filters in an Ad-Hoc view that's based on Multiple QoS trends? So I created an Ah-Hoc view with multiple QoS trends from multiple machines and defined Filters on the RHS of the View.


Can I have this displayed in the Dashboard page when I publish this in the UMP CABI Portlet? In the UMP it just displays all 100+ metrics and not the filter. Is there a way to get the filter to show in the UMP CABI published page?