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How to install APM Agent via silent install (problem with brtm-eulaFile)?

Question asked by Tmcmm93 on Mar 16, 2018
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Hello, I'm trying to install APM infrastructure version 10.5.2 via silent install, so I unzip the files and it comes with this  major files (besides the binary files for the other OS )





So since the information is spread and its confusing I'm trying to understand how to install this version following the steps. Is this  'browseragent-eula.txt' the ca-eula.txt file that i need to pass along with the response file?

I configure the response file accordingly with my necessities and I compare it with some auto.generated response files

and it seems so different from this sample that comes with this version of APM.


So when I try to launch the installer with the command : 
./IntroscopeAgent10.5.2.52unix.bin -f SampleResponseFile.Agent.txt


I get this error in the log file:

/../../../browseragent-eula.txt is not a valid BRTM End User License Agreement file.
Edit the responsefile so that the brtm-eulaFile property refers to a valid BRTM End User License Agreement file, then rerun the silent installer.



I tryed to download the ca-eula.txt from the Index of /ips/osgi  and also tryed other ways from what I read in communities and docs, and don't seem to work..


Can you provide a simplier step guide to install APM via silent install?