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Workload Control center Direction - iXP?

Question asked by scarrobis on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by dan_shannon

I have this feeling that WCC usage maybe headed towards the iXP direction. May I please say DON'T do that PLEASE! 

I do NOT wish to see a circumvention of eEM policies in WCC and I do not wish more overhead in the DB.

The main criticism, we all have is the collector efficiency needs to be fixed. The basic functionality of WCC is much better than 11.3 and almost has useful as 11.0 (even though it was a rough it had some good features)

Please focus on better collection/and a means to force a full collection by ADMINS, then change the look and feel of the GUI per the needs of the community as a whole. 

I will not bore people with my personal feelings regarding the other product suite CA purchased.

My only concern is the proper direction of WCC.

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled program ... :-)


Thank you 

Steve C.