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Badly formatted command response when using DMS API to search a user in Database

Question asked by Michael.Wan on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Ujwol Shrestha

I am programming using DMS API to retrieve a SmDmsUser from database and from API document I should use full sql to set as the filter and use empty string as organization. And I am not using the SmDmsCursor so I am using the full sql.

org = dmsDir.newOrganization("");

SmDmsSearch search = new SmDmsSearch("select login from db.user_view where login= 'tom'");

searchResult =, SmDmsSearch.Forward);


I have tried quite a few variances of the sql including:

select login from db.user_view where login= 'tom';

select login from db.user_view 

from db.user_view where login= 'tom'

select 1 from dual

select * from db.user_view where login= 'tom'



And I am always seeing the same error "Badly formatted command" from the Policy Server.


Can somebody shine some light in this error?


Note, I am using SiteMinder 12.5. And referring to CA SiteMinder SDK r12.52sp1