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JMS ClientID for WebSphere MQ already in Use

Question asked by sdabbiru on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by sdabbiru

Hi All,


We have published few MQ services on the VSE listening on queues defined in the websphere MQ server. When we tried to consume them, we are able to get the response for the first time but for the subsequent calls ,getting the below error. JMSCC0111: WebSphere MQ classes for JMS attempted to set a pre-existing client ID on a Connection or JMSContext. An application attempted to set the client ID property of a valid Connection or JMSContext to the value 'XXXXX1' but this value was already in use.


After some analysis, I presume if the queues on which the virtual services are listening, if configured as durable might cause the issue ?  as far as I understand, we are not sending any client ID when trying to consume from the workstation. Please advice how we can get around with this issue?