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What is the (default) max header size allowed on an API Gateway?

Question asked by ira787 on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by PhBrand

We are trying to integrate a vendor owned product internally, and for one of the requests it needs to make, we would like to funnel them through an API Gateway (9.2 CR06), but are unable to.


The client application is getting a 400 Bad Request from the gateway before our policy executes. (Also confirmed there were no backend logs)


We think it may be a header size issue because if we remove some of the headers the policy will execute and fail (due to missing headers). We've tested this by removing random headers until the total size was smaller than 8k, then again removing other random headers.


The total number of headers is around 18, and the total size is often around 12k.


We've looked around these forums/communities/support docs and haven't found anything that mentioned header size limitations.


Any help would be appreciated!


(Followup question, can the defaults be changed?)