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How to install APM Infrastructure (MOM & Collectors) via silent install?

Question asked by Tmcmm93 on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Lynn_Williams
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I didn't quite get it, I don't want to install a BrowserAgent, I want to install the APM Infrastructure with the MOM(s) and the Collectors, how do I proceed with the silent install in 10.5?

Isn't just to extract the files from the tar file, then to alter the SampleResponseFile regarding the specific component I want to install  like this :


# Introscope features to install. Must be a comma-delimited list.
# Example: Enterprise Manager,WebView
# The APM database stores Business Services and Application Dependency Map information.
# This database is deployed on a PostgreSQL database.
# If you want to install APM database only, use,
# silentInstallChosenFeatures=Database
# To install database along with EM add "Database" to the property below
# Ensure that you also specify databaseDir, dbAdminUser and dbAdminPassword properties
# below if you want to install APM database.
silentInstallChosenFeatures=Enterprise Manager,Database


And then just run the bin with the -f option like this:


' ./IntroscopeAgent10.5.2.52unix.bin -f SampleResponseFile.Agent.txt '