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Data Maker Crashes 4.4

Question asked by sunil.hs on Mar 21, 2018
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We have upgraded the Data Maker to 4.4 version. There is no issue in accessing the Data Maker for all of the users, it doesn't crashes for any of the users. All users are accessing the same server.It happens that for one user , when he logs in to the Data Maker, after some 30 minutes or some 1 hr. He gets an prompt message

'Invalid license data. reinstall is required. for Visual Studio 2010 Shell'. Please let me know the cause for this User and do we need to upgrade the Visual studio version to higher by reinstalling.

If i do a reinstall, would this visual studio impact the working of Data Maker.


current version installed on server is -- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) - Enu



Visula studio 2010 Shell error