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Linked Elements (not input or output components)

Question asked by EdwardMarks on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by John.Dueckman

We've got a development team who have 5 applications (and all of their source in the same System/Subsystem). Each of these applications has it's own version of a particular program. If they make a functional change to one program they want to ensure that this is made to all 5 versions of the program, so we want Endevor to throw a warning or an error if they only make a change to one of the programs.


Now I'm sure I can fiddle with the processor for this particular use case to get it to throw an error, however I've been told they might have a number of other similar use cases for other types.


So to avoid filling my processors with hardcoding I wonder if anyone has got any other solutions or have come across similar requests? I was thinking maybe an additional 'LINKELM' type containing a list of linked elements?