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Question asked by giriraj.gupta1 on Mar 22, 2018
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Dear All,


We have MS Sql server database in Ca Clarity PPM. As we know that whenever any attribute is locked then one entry is inserted in ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES table. When i lock any attribute via System Action then it inserts an entry in ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES table with some ID value. How Clarity is getting this ID value?


I have checked the OOTB sequence table CMN_SEQ_ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES but it looks like Clarity is not using this table for ID value. For confirmation, i have locked few attributes and checked that no change in sequence value in CMN_SEQ_ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES. The ID with some values were inserted in ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES table and attributes also locked. So then question is that these value comes from where? How Clarity is generating these ID values?


When i inserts the manual entry in ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES as per our requirements then i am using sequence value from CMN_SEQ_ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES as ID and increasing sequence value via running following procedure.


Here @P_NEXT_ID_RESULT stores next Id value.


As Clarity system Action lock and Manual lock is not taking Id from same table so sometimes it produces an error while inserting because of Primary constraint set up on ID field of ODF_LOCKED_ATTRIBUTES .


so Any suggestion on this Issue?