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Mainframe Flat file mask query

Question asked by kamalakannan on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by Anil Kumar Appukuttan


Consider this scenario.


I have a flat file. one field having with value as 'ABC12345', 'BVC23456' and 'GHT56789' etc.

My expectation is to mask only numeric values, so i apply partmask function.

the result would be 'ABC12334', 'BVC23232' and 'GHT34334'


But i want to do mask like. if first 3 position of column value equal to 'ABC' then mask numeric value else leave as it is.


Expectation result would be 'ABC12334', BVC23456' and 'GHT56789' etc. mask only those columns with having first 3 chars as 'ABC'.


Unable to use where and like condition here. its taking whole column not like first 3 chars.


its mainframe flat file for do masking.


Please advise.