snmpget dynamic index for more than one "same" OID

Discussion created by Marcin.Sek on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by Marco_Ippati

Hello, I try to setup my snmpget to raise alarm in certain situations. For example when I have no paper in tray, when I have low toner, etc.

OID is where ? is dynamic. I have out of paper Tray 1 and its working, it assign a dynamic value to OID. But the problem is when I want to define other OIDs. So when I add empty tray 2, its ok, but then I try to add low toner and bam, OID . exists and cannot add more. So I cannot create more than one value if the problem does not occur.


EDIT. A, and forgot to mention that when I test snmpget values, if they work and status before apply to probe, tray2 have a warning: "Dynamic Index not found in specific MIB table!" but it's because the problem does not occur. If tray would be empty alarm should be raised.