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New MM through script

Question asked by Jaykrishna on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Lynn_Williams

Hi team,

We have written a shell script to create a MM on the fly.
In order to achieve that we have performed the below mentioned step in the script.
Note: Our domain.xml file is prepopulated the with name of the domains and its agent mapping.(This is the input to this script)
1. Create a folder inside module folder and rename the folder to the domain name specified in the domain.xml file.
2. Copy the defaultMM.jar from module folder and paste it inside the new folder (FCBN) created with the domain name.
3. Rename of defaultMM to the name of the domain name (FCBN) specified in the domain.xml file.
4. Unzip the newly created jar file (FCBN.jar) and get into the managementmodule.xml
5. In managementmodule.xml of the newly created MM (FCBN.jar) Change the agent expression to the agent mapping specified in the domain.xml file
6. Again zip the unzip the jar file (FCBN.jar)
7. Restart the MoM.

Everything is working  fine at the backend. But after creation of the FCBN MM in the server, I am not able to see that in the Workstation under Management Module editor.

I just want know to whether i am missing any steps or some configuration that will link the newly created MM to Workstation.

Also attaching the code snippet for your reference.

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