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Pass the header value from the request to response in virtualization

Question asked by bibin_wf on Mar 22, 2018



A real request from a application to VSE contains a header "Origin : ***.***.***.***:xxxx".  This value changes from where the app is running from. I want to extract that value from the request header and pass it alongwith my response header. I'm not getting a way around this. Please help.


My sample lisa.vse.request : 


Request {id=0, operation="POST /cars/inventory", arguments=, attributes=HTTP-Segment-Attr-0=cars&HTTP-Segment-Attr-1=inventory, metaData=HTTP-Method=POST&HTTP-URI=/cars/inventory&HTTP-Version=1.1&cache-control=no-cache&Postman-Token=ae8e3d6b-88d0-436d-8db7-149195194cf6&Origin=localhost:8701&User-Agent=PostmanRuntime/3.0.9&Accept=*/*&Host=***.***.***.***:xxxx&accept-encoding=gzip, deflate&content-length=0&Connection=keep-alive& found, matchTolerance=Exact, binary=false, body=(non-binary)[0 bytes] <null>}