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Possible to add date variable to a wobtrigs filename?

Question asked by mbieganski on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by powdo03

Hello Forum,

We are looking for a way to use an ESP v11.4 Event Wobtrig to monitor for files that would have the current day's date in them.

For example  D:\yada\IM_20180323

According to the book, symbolics are supposed to be legal in events but I think the fact that ESP puts single quotes around the filename is taking the symbolic literally without converting it.

For example

I tried

State(Monitored) Status('Monitored for CREATE')

but despite creating a dMARx.txt file the event did not fire.


Our scheduling team needs to monitor for files named like IM_20180323

tomorrows file would be IM_20180324

next day's IM_20180325  and so on.

For specific reasons they need to keep this at an Event wobtrig level and not an Appl file_trigger

Anyone know if this is doable to get ESP date variables imbedded into the filename to be monitored?