Issue: Device Discovery in UIM

Discussion created by pdkswan on Mar 26, 2018
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We have lots of confusion/discrepancies about Device Discovery in UIM Database


1. What is the difference between CM_DEVICE and CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table, what is the process to store any device in UIM DB after discovering it.

2. There are multiple entries of devices in UIM DB with same cs_id and different dev_id even for those devices also which we discovered only once. How it's happening , Is there any house keeping steps so that we can eliminate this duplicate.


3. Devices are being discovered in CA_UIM and suppose If any configuration of network device is being changed purposely for an example (Syslocation/IfAlias/IfOprstatus) then do we require to re-discover N/W device again or it'll update in UIM DB according to SNMP Collector Next poll cycle.


Kindly help us to understand above mentioned scenario as these are impacting our environment a lot.