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Unlocking a Project via Process or GEL Script

Question asked by alanbrobst on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by urmas

Does anyone know how to remove the lock attribute on a project via an existing, canned Process, or do you have a GEL script that accomplishes this?  Here's why I want it:


1) We are using the CAPPM-Agile Central interface, and have that job scheduled to run nightly.

2) Sometimes user sessions abnormally terminate and the "project locked" attribute is not removed.

3) When the scheduled job runs, it reports failure status because of the locked project (which isn't truly locked).  See error message below.


Yes, I know that it's possible that a user might actually be working on the project, and the lock could be valid.  Given the timing of the job (9:00 PM Eastern) and the geography of our user base, this is EXTREMELY unlikely.  I'm willing to take the chance.


If I could run a job that kills all project locks 15 minutes before the Synchronize Agile Central job, I could avoid this failure.  Any advice/suggestions will be much appreciated.  Thanks!  -- Alan Brobst






There was a problem updating CA PPM project:201220 BNSF D9 X / OTA over ITCM
PRJ-07002: Update operation failed. The project cannot be locked.