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Reinstall CA SPS - After Startssl, ~30 minute to work?

Question asked by ChadHartman on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by masvi10


We are using CA 12.52 at the moment. We recently did some system updates and the SPS stopped functioning correctly. We are running on RHEL 6. The main update was a java version update. I've read where to make changes in config files, but decided to just re-install instead to make sure everything was updated. After the re-install and running ./sps-ctl startssl, the SPStrace log shows [Initialize][High Level Agent Initialized.] after about 1.5 minutes. We then try to use the SPS by going to a site which the SPS redirects to. We see the request in logs, everything looks normal, it even says redirecting to the site with a 302. The IWA server and policy server logs all show a normal request. However, the page just sits and does nothing at this point. After the SPS  is started for about~30 minutes it then starts to work like normal.


I was wondering if the updates messed with it, so I spun up a new server with all the fresh updates and setup a SPS. The new servers works fine. Stopping the SPS and restarting, as soon as the HLA is initialized, the redirect works like it should.


Has anyone else experienced this?


On one of the servers that has this issue, i completed uninstalled and removed and agent + domain/realms from the policy servers. I re-installed fresh with no issues. When I started the SPS back up, same as above, ~30minutes until the SPS works.