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Alert showing cluster node name

Question asked by imrankhcl Champion on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by imrankhcl

Hi Guys,


There are disk not available alerts on my nimsoft console from cluster servers (only). Where there cluster probe is not configured, we are not getting this issue.


First of all, i was surprised to see the alert on the console because in RAW configuration of cdm, I have already changed the setting of disk (fixed_default) to Active=no


Secondly, there is a setting where I can enable the cluster name in the alert if I want however I have not checked that box in cluster configuration probe.


Now the question is if i have setup all the settings properly then why do I am getting such alerts?


I would appreciate the suggestions and would like to hear from experts.


Below are the version of the uim and probes

UIM 8.51

HUB 7.93

CDM 6.20



Best Regards,

Imran K