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How to View XML Built by Custom GEL Script?

Question asked by alanbrobst on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by L.Elias

First, I'm a relative newbie to GEL and building CAPPM Processes, so if this is kind of a dumb question, sorry!


That having been said, I'm trying to build a GEL script (in DEV, I'm not crazy) that builds an XML file and then imports same, and will add Approve Time permissions to a user based upon a recordset generated by an SQL query.  The query is no problem, and I'm able to get the GEL script to validate so I can execute the process.  Problem is, once I execute the process, the permissions aren't added to the intended user.


I'm assuming there's something wrong with the XML content, so I want to debug it.  But I can't see it, because the process completes successfully so there are no messages I can review.  Hopefully there's a setting in the Process definition that I can enable, or a specific log that I can view, to see the XML and try and figure out why it's not working.  (If I manually build the XML file, it imports and achieves the desired result, so I know it's possible -- and that's why I assume that my GEL-built XML is malformed.)


Does anyone know how I can see that XML?  Any advice will be much appreciated!