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SHA256withRSA Padded characters

Question asked by jaykumar.solanki on Mar 28, 2018
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Hi All,


Is CA Gateway capable for verifying and decoding out of box generated JWT with SHA256withRSA which adding padded characters while signing?if it does not then what is the other way to decode this kind of JWT?

PFB JWT generated by an android application which uses above specification:




Signed Payload::-YDAEV3nvnE2eLgPX5jDotVoohDWAF5pSmaH8k5xIqLSqiVE5fDTinv/hQ7pUSbxemEMvo/zv7iAf6z38dg+i+kyc0k0cZb2f56dXi0R4pwHO/2Of4x1WpRMHlg3lo89kzhn0TnlbjHfhxKPPZPFgBBlCgWPCCS/Yxx+aOe7BM8FiGWsWLyPxJb8GnJCjURNwcB/QLskZZ34Cz5SK/OgKJ+EQv7ujxXinGCFwnulfCUXWD8kW12bFH98w3Zm/y9xphX1vh2pjaY0wmjEG3/I9ijBRZpItYezvb4rK3pm/E1LrMSflWdwzlTRumFu97gDJYypiy9AyCIsI70SKmpj6mw==


Above I've highlighted the characters which i don't see while signing the payload using any other method.[i.e. using CA assertion or online JWT generator]


Note: Private key[.pem] is being used to sign/encrypt & verify/decrypt payload