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No Geolocation is available in CA AXA Console

Question asked by Snow-Leopard on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Snow-Leopard


my new CA AXA installation is working (well, kinda...),  but I don't see the geolocation on the map, for some reason.


At first, on the browser level, it didn't send the geo-location metrics to CA AXA - after a short research, I found that Chrome is NOT sending GEO location info if you are NOT using SSL certs (e.g.: HTTPS).

So, I've change my app to listen on HTTPS port and created my own certificate for it.

That helped on the browser level - I can see now  that the geolocation info is being sent, but I still don't see it in CA AXA Console.


I've attached few screenshots.


Is there something that I'm missing here?