Customize #OTK Fail with error message

Discussion created by Tattwa on Mar 28, 2018
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I have a requirement to customize OTK error message.

OTK Version : 4.1

Gateway version : 9.2



  1. OTK error message default error message format is :

"error_description":"Custom error description"

   2. Expecting OTK error message error message format is :

"error": {
"status": "400",
"errors": [
"fields": "["invalid_request"]",
"key": "error. missingDuplicate.parameters"
"data": {}

Please have a look at below approach and let me know how to achieve it.

Approach 1 : Override message creation in "OTK Fail with error message"

Approach 2 : Capture error message in "Global Message completed" and modify format

Approach 3 : Able to modify error message for each status code in customizations/#OTK Fail with error message

Challenges :

  1. challenges in Approach 1 : how to disable "OTK Cache Store" and override error.msg context variable.
  2. challenges in Approach 2 : Unable to get error message as part of ${response.mainpart} or ${resp.mainpart} and unable to expose as  "Export Variables from Fragment" in customizations/#OTK Fail with error message.
  3. challenges in Approach 3 : Have to override all error code policy assertions, which is not a good practice.


I failed to achieve even though, was trying to modify "#OTK Cache Look Up Customization / "#OTK Cache Store Customization" . Please share your inputs.