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CA PPM Community Sandbox - Update

Discussion created by Michael Thibault Champion on Mar 29, 2018
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The community sandbox will be at 15.4 shortly and all accounts and custom work will be removed as part of this.  You will have to request new accounts once I post to the community that it is ready.


As a reminder, CA has graciously provided the sandbox to the community with a couple of stipulations that I need to remind the community of:

  1. The sandbox is not for commercial purposes. 
  2. Only community members can have access and access is only granted via a request to the sandbox administrator from a link the the community.
  3. other guidelines are communicated when you receive your account.
  4. It took a lot of time and effort for the old Community executive to arrange the sandbox and CA is providing this as a courtesy and absorbs the cost of the hosting and maintenance.


  I have noticed that there is some commercial development going on, this is to stop immediately.  If it persists I will ban the user.

   Others have been creating accounts for friends and colleagues, this is also to stop.  When I find an account such as this, I deactivate both accounts.


I will not let the actions of a few to put in jeopardy the free sandbox that CA has provided to us. If you are a developer or a consultant and need a developing environment, please contact CA.  This environment is to allow us to experiment and trial new features, not to provide a free development environment for your organization.


On a more positive note, I am cleaning up one of the lower environments to allow users to view a pristine version of 15.4 as the main sandbox is corrupted pretty quickly by those that cannot follow the guidelines. The access will be limited to non-administrative functions.


Sorry that I have to take a bit of a heavy hand, but I want to ensure that our community continues to enjoy the FREE sandbox.


I am making more time in my schedule to perform administrative functions. This will result in quicker turn around times in account creation and deactivation.



Mike Thibault

CA PPM Global Community Sandbox admin