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Work Shifts and Tasks Start/Finish Dates

Question asked by juanv on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Kristin_Schroer

We are exploring the impact of Work Shifts in the integration with MSP. 

We changed the wortk shifts of 5 days of the Standard Calendar (Novembre 6th to 10th).


The default shifts are:

8:00 - 12:00

13:00 - 17:00


The new shifts for those dates are:

8:00 - 12:00

13:00 - 19:00  (2 aditional hours)


Ran the Time Slicing job, and then created new tasks "before" those dates, "within" those dates, and "after" those dates. However, the 3 tasks have the same hour in the Start Date and Finish Date fields.All of them are starting at 8:00 and finishing at 17:00 hrs. 

The Work Shift didint change anything.


The tasks hs no resources.

Any ideas wether this is an expected resutl or a bug ?