CA APM - WAS - Custom Instrumentation

Discussion created by Richard_Mendoza on Apr 2, 2018
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Hi team,


I write this time to ask if anyone can support me with the following: Currently the instrumentation of the java classes is being carried out, through the hotdeploy:






When validating in the autoprobe log, it is observed that they are being seen by the agent. No errors are observed in the agent log. But they are not being seen reflected in the introscope, for example:


SetFlag: RetiroCensatiasTracing
TurnOn: RetiroCensatiasTracing

IdentifyClassAs: RetiroCensatiasTracing

TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged: RetiroCensatiasTracing BlamePointTracerDifferentInstances "RetiroCensatias|{classname}|{method}"
TraceComplexMethodsWithParametersIfFlagged: RetiroCensatiasTracing ExceptionErrorReporter "RetiroCensatias|{classname}|{method}:Errors Per Interval"


It does not appear in the metric tree.


Observation: The application is under IBM WAS with liferay-OSGI. This characteristics could be preventing the correct instrumentación of the agent, that is to say, that is not shown in the introscope.


Thanks for the help