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Portal 4.2 using signed SSL certificates

Question asked by borghe on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by borghe

Under the portal 4.2.x documentation it mentions that two wildcard certificates need to be generated for operation. An SSL certificate for CN=*.domain, and one for CN=tssg. The first one makes sense and works as expected. However the second wildcard (internal server name) is not valid for a CA signed certificate as of Nov 2015. What is the TSSG certificate for and can be run with just the *.domain certificate being generated?


Create and Sign Certificates for Production - CA API Developer Portal - 4.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 


So I have the *.domain certificate created and signed by an authorized CA, but can't get the same for the tssg. The instructions above say to enter the following in the portal.conf for running, but you can't generate a valid tssg key/cert. Can I just enter the signed *.domain key/cert?