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Auto Operator profile name variable

Question asked by Chris_Knowles on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Daniel Blanco

Does anyone know if there is a variable you can use in your notifications that contains the name of the Auto Operator profile that was triggered to send the notification?


For example... I have several AO profiles that generate an email when certain log file matches occur.  One called "Email Chris" will send me specific errors from various systems.  There are several distro groups that my email address is in that ALSO gets emails from other AO profiles.  It would make figuring out which profile is sending the message a little easier if I could include the name of the one that sent it.


I do this in Spectrum by putting the name of the SANM notifier script in the message being sent.  But, I don't see that in the variable list for email templates or other places.


Curious to know how others may have done something similar.