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How to integrate Jenkins with Rally using ac build connector

Question asked by vepitchu on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by dkevin

Hi , facing issues while run the connect file python ac_build_connector product_x.yml. I am getting below errors.


I am not usre i am in right direction or not. Could you please help in this.I am following this link."CA Agile Central Build Connector for Jenkins Installation and User Guide | CA Agile Central Help "


Goal is Need to update the build information in rally defect change sets.


C:\Users\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3>python ac_build_connect
or product_x.yml
ERROR: ac_build_connector encountered an ERROR condition.
File "ac_build_connector", line 31, in main
File "C:\Users\vepitchu\Desktop\WEM\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3\bldeif\bld_conn", line 137, in run
File "C:\Users\vepitchu\Desktop\WEM\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3\bldeif\bld_conn", line 103, in proclaim_existence
proc = ProcTable.targetProcess(os.getpid())
File "C:\Users\vepitchu\Desktop\WEM\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3\bldeif\utils\pr", line 96, in targetProcess
aps = ProcTable.allProcesses()
File "C:\Users\vepitchu\Desktop\WEM\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3\bldeif\utils\pr", line 29, in allProcesses
all_procs = ProcTable.posixProcesses()
File "C:\Users\vepitchu\Desktop\WEM\rally_jenkins\bldeif-1.1.3\bldeif\utils\pr", line 47, in posixProcesses
cmd_column_ix = hdr_line.index('CMD')
ValueError: substring not found