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PPM x Jasper Integration

Question asked by Balbi on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Balbi
Good morning people, I'm having a problem integrating PPM ( 02 16) with Jasper (6.2.1_5. I did some research here in the community, I applied some tips but I still could not make it work fully. When I use jasper through the standard TIBCO interface, I can extract reports with the user 'superuser' and with my active directory user. When I use the user 'ppmjasperadmin', the jasper does not respond as it should and does not generate the reports. Using PPM integration, the behavior is the same. Does not generate reports. This configuration was already installed and has already worked. I do not know when it stopped working. I have already applied all the possible commands related to the integration of PPM with jasper, I configured the user 'ppmjasperadmin' to be the same as mine, but it still does not work fully.  Anyone have any tips that I can apply?

Ricardo Balbi