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Mapping alarm arrival time from an alarm to a ServiceNow field with the SDGTW probe ?

Question asked by rtirak on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by rtirak

Some background is we are using the SDGTW probe with ServiceNow. We would like to map the time_origin field of an alarm to a filed in ServiceNow so that a report can be ran and the time difference between when the alarm alerted and when the actual incident was created can be compared. I worked with our SNOW team and they created a Date/Time Format field for me to map to. I went through the options in the drop down and see choices like arrival, assigned_at, time_origin, time_received. Anytime I try to map these fields to the newly created service now field the incident gets created but that field is just blank. Come to find out it seems the probe does not have the ability to map a value to a date/time field in ServiceNow.


My question is has anyone tried to do something like this and if you have what solution did you use or how did you get around not being able to map to a date/time format field? The biggest thing is we want to be able to run a report in ServiceNow on that newly created date/time field. I also tried to print the value of those variable in a custom message in the description field (using the $variable) of the service now incident. When I do I get values like the following 1522873918 - 1522929406 - 1522928815 for $arrival, $assigned_at, $time_received.


Hopefully the context to start helps explain what we are trying to do.Thanks in advance for anyone's suggestions or help.