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Dynamic alarm title (76620) on CA Disk threshold alarms

Question asked by Raul_27 on Apr 5, 2018
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I am trying to change the disk threshold alarm title so that is more intuitive since it also alarms on Physical and Virtual Memory as well and when the Disk word is written on it is deceiving.


I have updated all 4 events (0x00c40030, 0x00c40031, 0x00c40032 and 0x00c40033) with 76620 instead of S 1 variable as follows:

The  {S 76620} has exceeded the maximum utilization threshold of {I 2} {S 5}.  Utilization at the time of this event was {S 3} {S 6}.  This disk is being monitored by model {S 4}.  This is a MINOR event.  {t} (name - {m}).

I have also changed the Event Variable Discriminator from 1 to 76620 for 40031, 40032 and 40033.


I am missing something since the alarms are coming but the dynamic title is not appearing or the first variable is not being grabbed and put in the title as I want see attached pic.


Original alarm:


Alarm Title: "Disk Threshold Exceeded"

Alarm Type:  "Disk Threshold Exceeded"


How I want the alarm to work:


Alarm Title: "c:\"

Alarm Type: "Threshold Exceeded"




Alarm Title: "Physical Memory"

Alarm Type: "Threshold Exceeded"


And so on, this way is more genetic and not specific to the word "Disk" since it also throws memory alarms.


Any help in resolving my issue would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,