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Aggregated Attributes Doesn't work as they should

Question asked by Alark Patel on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Alark Patel

Problem and Frustration: Trying to get the total team allocation displayed on the Project List View and not seeing any numbers being populated. Creating a calculated field on Project Object which queries out of the box aggregated attribute offered by CA PPM called "Aggregated Resource Allocation(agg_allocation)". (see screenshot) and add that field on project list view. 


Expected Result: Displays Aggregated Resource Allocation for a Project 

Actual Result: Getting the blank column with no values in it. Same results in 14.4 and 15.4 versions. 


Few people claimed it used to work for 14.3 Show Total Allocations from the Team Tab on the Project object/Project List view? 


Let me know if someone has figured out a way to display total allocations from the team tab at the project level. This should just work without issue as Project is a parent object of team.