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Question asked by cobru01 Employee on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Michael Bulkeley

Dear Support, 


For a customer demo I need to get the connector working between jira and agile central, 


Working is:

-connection on Jira/AC

-new user stories added on both sides

-updates on status not working


Current problem is:

Mapping change seems to be picked by the connector, but doesn’t updated on the other side. Both ways I have the same problem.



Below more context information.

I have defined the mapping as follows in the xml:




            <Field><Rally>Name</Rally>           <Other>Summary</Other>      <Direction>BOTH</Direction></Field>

            <Field><Rally>Description</Rally>    <Other>Description</Other>  <Direction>BOTH</Direction></Field>

            <Field><Rally>ScheduleState</Rally>  <Other>Status</Other>       <Direction>BOTH</Direction></Field>






                    <Field><Rally>Defined</Rally>                            <Other>To Do</Other></Field>

                    <Field><Rally>In-Progress</Rally>     <Other>In Progress</Other></Field>

                    <Field><Rally>Accepted</Rally>                         <Other>Done</Other></Field>









                    <Field><Rally>Defined</Rally>                            <Other>To Do</Other></Field>

                    <Field><Rally>In-Progress</Rally>     <Other>In Progress</Other></Field>

                                                                                <Field><Rally>Completed</Rally>                            <Other>Done</Other></Field>

                    <Field><Rally>Accepted</Rally>                         <Other>Done</Other></Field>






Log is saying:

[2018-04-06 09:47:39 Z]   ANY : RallyEIF::WRK::ConnectorRunner.process_service - Starting Service UPDATE_RALLYFIELDS_AND_JIRA

[2018-04-06 09:47:39 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::RallyConnection.find_updates - Find Rally userstorys updated after 2018-04-06 09:34:36 UTC (last run time - epsilon seconds)

[2018-04-06 09:47:39 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::RallyConnection.find_updates - Rally find_updates base query: ((c_JiraKey != null) AND (LastUpdateDate > 2018-04-06T09:34:36Z))

[2018-04-06 09:47:40 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::RallyConnection.find_updates -   Found 1 updated userstorys in Rally

[2018-04-06 09:47:40 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::Connector.update_other - Updating JIRA Story TES-24 from Rally userstory US125 ...

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  WARN : RallyEIF::WRK::FieldHandlers::OtherEnumFieldHandler.transform_in - For Status field could not transform_in(In Progress)

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::Connector.update_other - JIRA Story TES-24 updated from Rally userstory US125

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::JiraConnection.find_updates - Finding updates using query: type="Story" AND project = "TES" AND "RallyID" > 0 AND updated >= -14m

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::JiraConnection.find_updates - Found 1 updated issues in JIRA

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::Connector.update_rally - Updating Rally userstory US125 from JIRA Story TES-24 ...

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  WARN : RallyEIF::WRK::FieldHandlers::RallyEnumFieldHandler.transform_in - For ScheduleState field could not transform_in(Defined)

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::RallyConnection.has_changed? - Skipped update for US125 since there was no change on non-external id fields

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]  INFO : RallyEIF::WRK::Connector.update_rally - Rally userstory US125 updated from JIRA Story TES-24

[2018-04-06 09:47:41 Z]   ANY : RallyEIF::WRK::ConnectorRunner.process_service - Finished Service UPDATE_RALLYFIELDS_AND_JIRA