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Resource - View permission

Question asked by David_Spreitzer on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Dave_3.0

I really like the 'Staff'/Resource Management view in the new UX, but it created a problem to solve in our access right configuration: every user could see every other users ALLOCATIONS.


Our requirements:

a) every user is allowed to 'create a new project'
b) every user (as project manager) needs to select any user in dropdown lists (e.g. project/business sponsor) -> as therefore all users have the global right 'Resource - View - All'

c every user (as project manager) should staff the project team and soft book their allocations to this specific project -> therefore all users have global right 'Resource - Softbook - All'

Important requirement and current issue:

d) every user should only see allocations for (a) their resources (they are resource manager of) and (b) the projects they have access rights to.
Currently, all users see all resources and ALL of their allocations (of course they cannot click into project details, but they see the project name and the allocation)


Is there a way to reconfigure the access rights so that ALLOCATIONS are only visible if users have access rights for the respective investment/project?


Even after reading the Access Rights Reference Guide back and forth, I could not think of a solution...


There was an issue with resource access rights in the knowledge base but that dates back to 13.3 and should be fixed:


1) Does anybody know how to avoid this?
2) Are there any other 'best practices' to fulfil the requirements?

BR David