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PPM Agile (Rally) Integration add-in invalid workspace error

Question asked by Earamendi on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Earamendi

Hi guys, how are you?


I'm struggling with the PPM & Agile Central (or Rally) integration.


I've follow the doc about it Integrate CA PPM with CA Agile Central - CA PPM - 15.3 - CA Technologies Documentation  but the job fails when I executed from PPM.


The agl logs from the installation are OK.

The tab appears OK


The error is the follow "invalid workspace Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" where X stands for the workspace ID that I obtained from this link and checking the _refObjectUUID witch matches the one on the integration configuration.


Integrate CA PPM with CA Agile Central (Rally) - CA PPM - 15.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


I'm already with support checking the issue, the post here is more to see if any has a different aproach (I'm kinda in a can't see the forest for the trees situation).


Thanks in advance.