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Selection logic for setting a response based on comparing 1 parameter from a big request

Question asked by Suresh8124 on Apr 6, 2018
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Can someone help me with below scenario please!!


-->Actual request has 50 parameters.

-->Based on value of one specific parameter (subscriberName) in the request i have to set response to Route.if the value is something else , set response to 404.


Psudo : if (subscriberName == XYZ)

                Set route

                Else set 404


current implementation i used : 

-->Used match style as : operation 

-->configured the subscriberName value to a specific value using "=" operand in the request and set response as Route and set 404 in the Meta (if match is not equal).

--->Problem with this implementation: What ever the value of subscriberName  is, it is always sending response as route(even when subscriberName  is not equal to what is am never getting 404 in the response.)