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Copy and attach as child

Question asked by chris157.157 on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Michael Mueller

We are currently on SDM 14.1 and will be upgrading in this quarter to 17.1.

We have a process in service desk whereby we are able to "copy" a ticket as a child and the relationship to the parent is automatically filled in.  We have simply called this process - Create Child.

However, this has been completely done in the detail_in.htmpl screen and does not consider any properties on the parent ticket (that would originate from the category).

The system function for "Copy" considers the properties and completes them in the copied ticket as well.  I am trying to combine the two functions together so that I can create a "child" that has both the properties and the relationship to the parent created.

Is there anyone that has built a similar requirement that can perhaps assist?


Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


chris saunders