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DevTest Portal: Create a VS using "Virtualize using RR pairs" option

Question asked by narasimharao.x.lingam on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by narasimharao.x.lingam

Hi ,  J_NeSmith

I have a requirement where in I should be able to create a VS from DevTest Portal using RR pair/ Swagger. I want to explore all the options. Can someone assist me, if already explored this feature. Following are the few assumptions that I have to keep in mind while creating VS from Portal.


- VS should be data driven: VS should refer to external data source (Excel/CSV file)

- Is it possible to edit VSI(to parameterize few values)/VSM(to include DB steps ) once created through Portal ? or can I perform these activities[VSI(to parameterize few values)/VSM(to include DB steps)] on Portal itself? 

- How to handle MQ protocol? is it through VRS file. If yes,

    i) what exactly does that file contains and

   ii) how can I create VRS file(as I am the admin)


Many Thanks in advance.