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Web Service - Know only Resolved tickets from Web Service

Question asked by carvato on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by carvato

Hello everybody, I have an issue, I'm trying to know all ticket in resolved status and in SOAPUI I have this query


     group.last_name LIKE 'EUS_ZONA%'
     OR group.last_name like 'EUS_ Region%'
      OR group.last_name like 'EUS_ZSur%'
      OR group.last_name like 'EUS_Desktop%' AND status = 'RE' AND type='I' AND open_date > 1517454000 AND         open_date &lt; 1519786800</whereClause>
<!--1 or more repetitions:-->



And this always returns me all tickets in all status. In WhereClause I tried too (status.code IN ('%5200%', '%5208%', '%400202%')) because maybe with Resolved status doesn't work, I tried too status.sym LIKE '%Resol%', and my last try was status = 'RE' and it didn't work either. Someone can help me? Forwards thanks!!!